Dear Customers,

Kindly inform you the Ethereum (ETH) network upgrade and hard fork will take place at ETH mainnet block height of 13,773,000 or at approximately 3:00 am on 10th December 2021(UTC+8)

Due to the uncertainty of the hard fork of Ethereum network, Mobi will stay tuned the situation and draw up the following solution:

  1. The Deposit / Withdrawal services of ETH / USDT-ERC20 will be suspended temporarily at 3:00 am on 10th December 2021(UTC+8) and the balance will be backed up.
  2. After the hard fork, Mobi will see the result to determine the program of ETH node and resume the Deposit and Withdrawal services of ETH and USDT-ERC20.

We will make an announcement as soon as the upgrade and hard fork of Ethereum network is completed.

Should you have any inquiries, opinions, and/or comments, please feel free to contact us at

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Mobi Support Team